Intel® MAX™ 10 Embedded Memory User Guide

ID 683431
Date 5/05/2023
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2.1.8. Asynchronous Clear

You can selectively enable asynchronous clear per logical memory using the RAM: 1-PORT and RAM: 2-PORT IP cores.

Support of asynchronous clear in the M9k memory block:

  • Read address registers—input registers other than read address registers are not supported. Asserting asynchronous clear to the read address register during a read operation might corrupt the memory content.
  • Output registers—if applied to output registers, the asynchronous clear signal clears the output registers and the effects are immediate. If your RAM does not use output registers, you can still clear the RAM outputs using the output latch asynchronous clear feature.
  • Output latches
Figure 6. Output Latch Asynchronous Clear Waveform