AN 739: Altera 1588 System Solution

ID 683410
Date 1/28/2016
Document Table of Contents Loading the Boot Image into SD Card

The procedures shown in this section are performed using a Linux host. You may use different methods to load the boot image into a micro SD card.
  1. Plug in SD Card Reader to your Linux host and mount the micro SD card. Reformat the micro SD card to delete any existing content in it.
    sudo modprobe usb-storage
    Note: Use ls –la /dev/sd* to identify the micro SD card device name. In the steps below, replace <sd card device> with the micro SD device name shown in your Linux host.
  2. Download sd_image.img.gz image file to your computer and unzip the image file.
    gunzip sd_image.img.gz
  3. Program the sd_image.img file into the micro SD card.
    sudo dd if=./sd_image.img of=/dev/<sd card device>
  4. Unmount the micro SD card device before unplugging it from the SD Card Reader.
    sudo umount /dev/<sd card device>