AN 739: Altera 1588 System Solution

ID 683410
Date 1/28/2016
Document Table of Contents Time of Day (ToD)

Altera provides a Time of Day Clock (ToD) module to ease user's implementation when using Altera Ethernet MAC-based 1588 system.

The ToD module is a counter responsible for generating the current real time of day locally. A processor with a Timing Servo Control Software updates the ToD counter, typically via fine-grain adjustments in terms of phase and frequency corrections through relevant registers. The ToD can provide both a 64-bit time useful for the correction field used in a transparent clock (TC) and a full 96-bit time useful for ordinary clock (OC) and boundary clock (BC).

You can instantiate a master ToD module to time-stamp the transmitted and received packets. One ToD module can be shared across multiple MACs. You must enable the 64-bit timestamp when using TC, otherwise use 96-bit timestamp.You may use Altera Ethernet IEEE 1588 TOD Synchronizer to synchronize multiple slave ToDs to a single master ToD.