JESD204B IP Core Design Example User Guide

ID 683094
Date 11/06/2017

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Document Table of Contents Dynamic Reconfiguration Operation

The dynamic reconfiguration feature implements various reconfiguration controller modules such as PLL reconfiguration, Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller, SPI master, and JESD204B IP core Avalon-MM slave. These modules connect to the control unit through the Avalon-MM interface. You can control the reconfiguration using the reconfig, runtime_lmf, and runtime_datarate input ports exposed at control unit interface.

Figure 23. Dynamic Reconfiguration Block Diagram (For 28 nm Device Families—Stratix V and Arria V)

Figure 24. Dynamic Reconfiguration Block Diagram (For 20 nm Device Families—Arria 10)

The MIF ROM content for maximum and downscale configuration:

  • PLL MIF ROM—contains the PLL counter, charge pump, and bandwidth setting.
  • JESD MIF ROM—contains the LMF information.
  • PHY MIF ROM—contains the transceiver channel and PLL setting.
  • ADC MIF ROM—contains the ADC converter setting.
  • DAC MIF ROM—contains the DAC converter setting.
  • CLK MIF ROM—contains the device clock setting.