JESD204B IP Core Design Example User Guide

ID 683094
Date 11/06/2017

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1.7. Design Example with Nios II Processor Control Unit

This design example with Nios II processor control unit provides an option if you need a software control flow for your JESD204B system.

Generate this design by selecting the Nios II Control option in the Example Designs tab of the parameter editor. You can also generate a generic design by selecting the Generic Nios II Control option in the Generate generic example design selection. This design example has the following key features:

  • Supports Arria 10 devices only.
  • C-based software control flow implemented on a Nios II soft core processor.
  • Available as synthesizable design entity only.
    Note: No simulation model is provided for this design. If you need a design example that has a simulation model, use the RTL State Machine Control design example.
Figure 25. Nios II Control Unit Design Example Block Diagram