F-Tile Ethernet Intel® FPGA Hard IP User Guide

ID 683023
Date 1/07/2022

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Document Table of Contents

12. Document Revision History

Document Version Intel® Quartus® Prime Version Changes
2022.01.07 21.4 Made the following changes:
  • Updated F-Tile Ethernet Intel® FPGA Hard IP :
    • Added note about auto-negotiation and link training hardware support in Overview.
    • Added new section: Device Speed Grade Support.
    • Updated Generating Tile Files to include quartus_tlg updates.
    • Added the FHT precoding enable and Enable Native PHY Debug Endpoint parameters in the F-Tile Ethernet Intel® FPGA Hard IP Parameters.
    • Added PTP-specific i_reconfig_clk frequency range limitation.
  • Updated F-Tile Auto-Negotiation and Link Training for Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP :
    • Removed outdated 21.3 specific statement in Overview.
    • Updated Release Information.
    • Added note about VHDL limitation in F-Tile Auto-Negotiation and Link Training for Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP Parameters.
2021.10.04 21.3 Made the following changes:
  • Added support for PCS lane re-ordering in the Features table.
  • Removed 400GE-8 specific footnote from the Variant Selection table. 400GE-4 mode now supports auto-negotiation and link training.
  • Revised PTP description in F-Tile Ethernet Intel® FPGA Hard IP Overview,
  • Added Resource Utilization.
  • Updated F-Tile Ethernet Intel® FPGA Hard IP Parameters: IP Tab table:
    • Updated PMA reference frequency description.
    • Added PTP-related frequency requirements in the System PLL frequency description.
    • Added important note about hardware accuracy values in the Timestamp accuracy mode description.
    • Added new Enable Ethernet Debug Master Endpoint parameter
  • Added note in the TX MAC Segmented Client Interface.
  • Updated the TX TAM adjust calculation in PTP TX Client Flow.
  • Updated the RX TAM adjust calculation in PTP RX Client Flow.
  • Added new section: Routing Delay Adjustment for Advanced Timestamp Accuracy Mode
  • Updated Precision Time Protocol Interface:
    • Removed 40G Ethernet rate from the PTP Clocks table. 40G Ethernet rate does not support PTP feature
    • Corrected i_clk_tx_tod clock frequency from 250 MHz to 114.2857 MHz..
  • Revised step 6 in RX UI Adjustment.
  • Update simulation-based RX TAM values for 50G Ethernet rate in Reference Time (TAM) Interval.
  • Updated Hardware UX PMA delay values in the UI Value and PMA Delay of Ethernet Modes table.
  • Globally added a note about PTP timestamp accuracy. The note emphasizes that the specified timestamp accuracy values in base and advanced modes represent simulation-based results.
  • Updated Clock Signals descriptions for the following clock signals:
    • i_clk_tx
    • i_clk_rx
    • i_clk_pll
    • i_clk_ref
  • Revised text and updated figure in Clock Connections in PTP-Based Synchronous and Asynchronous Operation.
  • Corrected signal name from i_sl_tx_valid to i_tx_valid in the TX MAC Avalon ST Client Interface.
  • Revised fixed latency range in TX MAC Segmented Client Interface. The i_tx_mac_valid and o_tx_mac_ready signals can be spaced by a fixed latency between 1 to 8 clock cycles.
  • Revised i_clk_ptp_sample clock description in the PTP Clock Ports table.
  • Added new topic: Ethernet Toolkit Overview
2021.06.28 21.2 Initial release