Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: PCB Design Tools

ID 683768
Date 8/01/2023

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Document Table of Contents Invoking HSPICE Writer from the Command Line

If you use a script-based flow to compile your project, you can create HSPICE model files by including the following commands in your Tcl script (.tcl file).

Create HSPICE Model Files

set_global_assignment -name EDA_BOARD_DESIGN_SIGNAL_INTEGRITY_TOOL \
     "HSPICE (Signal Integrity)"
set_global_assignment -name EDA_OUTPUT_DATA_FORMAT HSPICE \
set_global_assignment -name EDA_NETLIST_WRITER_OUTPUT_DIR <output_directory> \
     -section_id eda_board_design_signal_integrity

The <output_directory> option specifies the location where HSPICE model files are saved. By default, the <project directory>/board/hspice directory is used.

Invoke HSPICE Writer

To invoke the HSPICE Writer tool through the command line, type:

quartus_eda.exe <project_name> --board_signal_integrity=on --format=HSPICE \

<output_directory> specifies the location where the tool writes the generated spice decks, relative to the design directory. This is an optional parameter and defaults to board/hspice.