Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: PCB Design Tools

ID 683768
Date 8/01/2023

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Document Table of Contents Double-Counting Compensation Circuitry

The double-counting compensation circuitry block of the simulation SPICE deck instantiates a second I/O buffer that is used to measure double-counting. The buffer is configured identically to the user I/O buffer but is connected to the Intel® Quartus® Prime software test load. The simulated delay of this second buffer can be interpreted as the amount of double-counting between the Intel® Quartus® Prime software and HSPICE Writer simulated results.

As the amount of double-counting is constant for a given I/O standard on a given pin, consider separating the double-counting circuitry from the simulation file. In doing so, you can perform any number of I/O simulations while referencing the delay only once.

  (Part of )Double-Counting Compensation Circuitry Block

* Double Counting Compensation Circuitry
* The following circuit is designed to calculate the amount of
* double counting between Intel Quartus Prime and the HSPICE models. If
* you have not changed the default simulation temperature or
* transistor corner this spice deck automatically compensates the double
* In the event you wish to
* simulate an IO at a different temperature or transistor corner
* you need to remove this section of code and manually
* account for double counting. A description of Intel’s
* recommended procedure for this process can be found in the
* Intel Quartus Prime HSPICE Writer AppNote.
* Supply Voltages Settings
.param vcn_tl=3.135
.param vpd_tl=2.97
* Test Load Constant Definition
vopdrain_tl opdrain_tl 0 0
vrambh_tl rambh_tl 0 0
vrpullup_tl rpullup_tl 0 0
* Instantiate Power Supplies
vvccn_tl vccn_tl 0 vcn_tl
vvssn_tl vssn_tl 0 0
vvccpd_tl vccpd_tl 0 vpd_tl
* Instantiate I/O Buffer
xhio_testload din oeb opdrain_tl die_tl rambh_tl
+ rpcdn4 rpcdn3 rpcdn2 rpcdn1 rpcdn0
+ rpcdp4 rpcdp3 rpcdp2 rpcdp1 rpcdp0
+ rpullup_tl vccn_tl vccpd_tl vcpad0_tl hio_buf
* Internal Loading on Pad
xlvds_input_testload die_tl vss vccn_tl lvds_input_load
xlvds_oct_testload die_tl vss vccpd_tl vccn_tl vcpad0_tl vccn_tl
* I/O Buffer Package Model
* - Single-ended I/O standard on a Row I/O
.lib ‘lib/package.lib’ hio
xpkg die pin hio_pkg
* Default Intel Test Load
* - 3.3V LVTTL default test condition is an open load