Intel® Agilex™ Configuration User Guide

ID 683673
Date 7/05/2022

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3.2.1. AS Configuration Scheme Hardware Components and File Types

You use the following components to implement the AS configuration scheme:

  • Quad SPI flash memory
  • The Intel® FPGA Download Cable II to connect the Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer to the PCB.

For PCIe designs including the Configuration via Protocol (CvP), Intel recommends that you use Micron QSPI flash memory. When using the Micron QSPI flash memory, the boot ROM uses the AS x4 mode to load the initial configuration firmware faster to meet the PCIe wake-up time for host enumeration.

When using other flash memory types for PCIe designs, the boot ROM reads the firmware using AS x1 mode. Intel recommends asserting the PERST# signal low for a minimum of 200 ms counting from the device exiting the power-on reset (POR) state. This ensures the PCIe endpoint enters the link training state prior to the PERST# signal deasserts.

The following block diagram illustrates the components and design flow using the AS configuration scheme.

Figure 37. Components and Design Flow for .jic Programming

In addition to AS programming using a .jic, the Programmer supports direct programming of the quad SPI flash using a .pof as shown in AS Programming Using Intel Quartus Prime or Third-Party Programmer.

Table 33.  Output File Types
Programming File Type Extension Description
JTAG Indirect Configuration File .jic

The .jic enables serial flash programming via Intel® FPGA JTAG pins. This file type is available only for ASx4 configuration. A newly populated board using the ASx4 configuration scheme requires initial SDM firmware programming. The helper SOF image provides the required SDM firmware.

You initially use the JTAG cable to load a SDM Helper SOF into the Intel® Agilex™ device. The SDM can then load the flash device with the Intel® Agilex™ design.

Raw Programming Data File .rpd

Stores data for configuration with a third-party programming hardware. You generate Raw Programming Data Files from a .pof or .sof.

The .rpd file is a subset of a .pof or .jic that includes only device-specific binary programming data for Active Serial configuration scheme with quad SPI configuration devices and remote system update.