Intel® Stratix® 10 SEU Mitigation User Guide

ID 683602
Date 12/30/2022
Document Table of Contents SMH Revision 4 File Format

Table 5.  SMH Revision 4 File Format for Intel® Stratix® 10 Devices
Block Sub - block 32-bit Word Bit Description
Sensitivity map header 0 [31:0] Identification word for SMH format and its version, 0xXE445341.
1 [31:8] Reserved
[7:0] ASD Region bitmask size. ASD region bitmask size is the upper bound power of 2 for maximal ASD Region ID in design, can be 1,2,4,8,16 or 32.
2 [31:0] Address of the Sector Information block.
Sectors Information block Sector 0 Information 0 [31:0] Address of the sector 0 encoding scheme.
1 [31:0] Address of the encoded sector 0 sensitivity data.
2 [23:8] The number of ASD region bitmasks used by sector 0 (i.e. number of SMH tags). Value of 0 indicates that there are no sensitive bits in a sector.
[7:0] The sector 0 SMH tag size in bits, can be 1, 2, 4, 8.
Sector N Information N*3 .. N*3+2
Sectors Encoding block Sector Encoding 0 0 [31:16] Identification word 0xEEEE
[15:0] Size of a single frame encoding (i.e. bit->tag index) map in bytes.
1 [31:0] Address of the frame information (FADD).
2 [31:0] Address of the frame encoding map (EADD).
FADD [31:20] Index of encoding map for frame 0
[19:0] Sensitivity data offset into sector sensitivity data for frame 0.
FAAD+K [31:20] Index of encoding map for last frame
[19:0] Sensitivity data offset into sector sensitivity data for last frame.

Frame encoding map 0. Contains the mapping of ‘bit position’ in frame to 16-bit ‘bit group sensitivity tag index’ into frame sensitivity data.

For all the phantom bits in a frame ‘bit group sensitivity index’ is set to 0xFFFF since no sensitivity data is needed.
Sector Encoding M ...
Sectors Sensitivity Data Sector 0 Data 0 [31:16] Sector data identification word (0xDDDD)
[15:0] Reserved

Sector Regions Map:

L = ('ASD region bitmask size' * 'number of ASD region masks for sector'+31)/32

Encoded frames sensitivity data. Data for each frame is located at:

offset = L+1+frame sensitivity data offset * sector SMH tag size
Sector N Data

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