Intel® FPGA Streaming Video Protocol Specification

ID 683397
Date 5/15/2024
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2.2.11. Packing with Less than 8 bits per Symbol Natively

You should always size the Intel video streaming interface for the largest BPS that you want to support.

If RGB444 is the largest video data that you transmit over the Intel video streaming interface, you need not space the data bits as in the previous figure. You can size the tdata bus to accommodate the 12 bits of video data plus another 4 bits of padding to satisfy the minimum tdata bus width requirement of 16 bits. The video data packs naturally.

Figure 34. Video data packing naturally

The standard rules for pixel packing still apply. A 2 pixels-in -parallel interface of RGB444 requires you to pad bits 15 to 12 to meet the requirement that each pixel begins on a byte boundary. Therefore, the total tdata size for a 2 PiP RGB444 interface is 28 bits: 16 bits for the first 12 bits of pixel data plus the 4 padding bits plus another 12 bits for the second pixel. You do not need to pad this second pixel as it is over the 16 bits minimum tdata width requirement and you are not packing a third pixel above the second one.