Intel® FPGA Streaming Video Protocol Specification

ID 683397
Date 5/15/2024
Document Table of Contents

3.1.1. Auxiliary Control Packet Rules

To conform to the Intel FPGA streaming video protocol, IPs must follow these rules:
  • IPs must propagate all auxiliary control packets unchanged unless the semantics of the packet indicate that it should terminate at that IP.
  • IPs must not change the order of any auxiliary control packets unless this order is an intended part of the functionality for that IP.
  • IPs that generate one field of video for every field received must retain the count and field count quantities, unchanged, in the image information packets and end-of-field packets respectively.
Figure 43. Auxiliary Packet RulesThe figure shows aux1 and aux2 associate with field 1 and aux3 associates with field 2.

Pairs of image information and end-of-field packets mark one field of video. Any auxiliary control packets before the current field’s end-of-field packet are associated with that field. In addition, any auxiliary control packets that occur after the end-of-field packet of the preceding field are also associated with the current field.

These rules inform systems how to process any associated auxiliary control packets when switching or buffering video fields.