Intel® FPGA Streaming Video Protocol Specification

ID 683397
Date 5/15/2024
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2.2.12. Interlaced Fields

Drive interlaced fields in the same way as progressive frames. The only difference is the nibble coding for full variants of the Intel FPGA streaming video protocol and the TUSER[1] signal for lite variants. Transmit interlaced fields in pairs so that an F1 field follows an F0 field or vice versa. You may drive interlaced fields of the same type consecutively but IPs receiving the fields need to act accordingly.

Full Variants

The image information packet specifies the field type via the interlaced nibble bits in the first beat.

Figure 35. Example interlaced field (full variants)

Lite Variants

For the lite variant of the protocol, the following figures show TUSER[1] defined for all valid cycles in the packet that indicates F1 fields. TUSER[1] is high for F1 fields and low for F0 fields.

Figure 36. Intel FPGA streaming video packet (start of F1 field)Lite variants only.
Figure 37. Intel FPGA streaming video packet (F1 field)Lite variants only.
Figure 38. Intel FPGA streaming video packet (start of an F0 field or progressive frame)Lite variants only.
Figure 39. Intel FPGA streaming video packet (F0 field or progressive frame).Lite variants only.
Table 8.  Lite variant TUSER bits decode
TUSER[1:0] Meaning
00 Video packet (from either an interlaced F0 field or progressive frame).
01 Video packet (start of either an interlaced F0 field or progressive frame).
10 Video packet (from an F1 field).
11 Video packet (start of F1 field).