Avalon® Interface Specifications

ID 683091
Date 9/26/2022
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2.10. Reset Source Interface Properties

Table 8.  Reset Interface Properties
Name Default Value Legal Values Description
associatedClock N/A a clock name The name of a clock to which this interface synchronized. Required if the value of synchronousEdges is DEASSERT or BOTH.
associatedDirectReset N/A a reset name The name of the reset input that directly drives this reset source through a one-to-one link.
associatedResetSinks N/A a reset name Specifies reset inputs that cause a reset source to assert reset. For example, a reset synchronizer that performs an OR operation with multiple reset inputs to generate a reset output.
synchronousEdges DEASSERT




Indicates the reset output's synchronization. The following values are defined:
  • NONE–The reset interface is asynchronous.
  • DEASSERT–the reset assertion is asynchronous and deassertion is synchronous.
  • BOTH–reset assertion and deassertion are synchronous.