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oneAPI Development Environment Setup

The Intel® oneAPI tools are available in several convenient forms, as detailed in oneAPI Toolkit Distribution earlier in this guide. Follow the instructions in the Intel oneAPI Toolkit Installation Guide to obtain and install the tools.

Install Directories

On a Windows* system, the Intel oneAPI development tools are typically installed in the
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\
On Linux* or macOS* system, the Intel oneAPI development tools are typically installed in the
These are the default locations; the precise location can be changed during installation.
Within the oneAPI installation directory are a collection of folders that contain the compilers, libraries, analyzers, and other tools installed on the development system. The precise list depends on the toolkit(s) installed and the options selected during installation. Most of the folders within the oneAPI installation directory have obvious names. For example, the mkl folder contains the Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (Intel® oneMKL), the ipp folder contains the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) library, and so on.

Environment Variables

Some of the tools in the Intel oneAPI toolkits depend on environment variables to:
  • Assist the compilation and link process (e.g., PATH, CPATH, INCLUDE, etc.)
  • Locate debuggers, analyzers, and local help files (e.g., PATH, MANPATH)
  • Identify tool-specific parameters and dynamic (shared) link libraries (e.g., LD_LIBRARY_PATH, CONDA_*, etc.)

setvars and vars Files

Every installation of the Intel oneAPI toolkits includes a single top-level “setvars” script and multiple tool-specific “vars” scripts (
on Linux and macOS;
on Windows). When executed (sourced), these scripts configure the local environment variables to reflect the needs of the installed Intel oneAPI development tools.
The following sections provide detailed instructions on how to use the oneAPI setvars and vars scripts to initialize the oneAPI development environment:

Modulefiles (Linux only)

Users of Environment Modules and Lmod can use the modulefiles included with the oneAPI toolkit installation to initialize their development environment variables. The oneAPI modulefile scripts are only supported on Linux and are provided as an alternative to using the setvars and vars scripts referenced above. In general, users should not mix modulefiles with the setvars environment scripts.
See Use Modulefiles with Linux* for detailed instructions on how to use the oneAPI modulefiles to initialize the oneAPI development environment.

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