Intel® FPGA Download Cable II User Guide

ID 683719
Date 8/26/2022
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1.8. Setting Up the Intel® FPGA Download Cable II Hardware with the Intel® Quartus® Prime Software

  1. Start the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
  2. From the Tools menu, click Programmer.
  3. Click Hardware Setup.
  4. Click the Hardware Settings tab.
  5. From the Currently selected hardware list, select Intel FPGA Download Cable II.
  6. Click Close.
  7. In the Mode list, choose an appropriate programming mode. The table below describes each mode.
Table 1.  Programming Modes
Mode Mode Description
Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) Programs or configures all devices supported by Quartus Prime software via JTAG programming.
In-Socket Programming Not supported by the Intel® FPGA Download Cable II.
Passive Serial Programming Configures all devices supported by Quartus Prime software excluding enhanced configuration devices (EPC) and serial configuration devices (EPCS/Q).
Active Serial Programming Programs a single EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, EPCS64, EPCS/Q128, EPCQ256, EPCQ-L and EPCQ512 device.

For detailed help on using the Quartus Prime Programmer, refer to the Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Programmer or the Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Programmer.

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