Intel® FPGA Download Cable II User Guide

ID 683719
Date 5/13/2024
Document Table of Contents

2.8. Changing the TCK Frequency

The Intel® FPGA Download Cable II has a default TCK frequency of 24 MHz. Where signal integrity and timing prevents operating at 24 MHz, change the TCK frequency of the download cable:

  1. Open the command line interface with the Quartus® Prime bin directory in your path (for example, C:\< Quartus® Prime installed folder>\< Quartus® Prime version>\quartus\bin64).
  2. Type the following command to change the TCK frequency:
    jtagconfig --setparam <cable number> JtagClock <frequency><unit prefix>
  • <cable number> is the download cable to be modified.
  • <frequency> is the desired TCK frequency. Use one the following supported rates:
    • 24 MHz
    • 16 MHz
    • 6 MHz
    • 24/n MHz (between 10 KHz and 6 MHz, where n represents an integer value number)
  • <unit prefix> is the unit prefix for the frequency (e.g. M for MHz).

Example for setting TCK maximum frequency to 6 MHz :

jtagconfig --setparam 1 JtagClock 6M