Intel® FPGA Download Cable II User Guide

ID 683719
Date 1/16/2024
Document Table of Contents

A.1.1.2. Manual Setting

  1. Open Environment Variables window of Windows OS
    Windows Settings > Type “Environment” into the search area > Choose Edit the system environment variables
  2. Check if Path variable has %QUARTUS_ROOTDIR%\bin64 in System variables or User variables for your account. If not present, add %QUARTUS_ROOTDIR%\bin64
  3. Check if QUARTUS_ROOTDIR variable is in a right path that bin64 folder locates
    Directory for Intel® Quartus® Prime: <Quartus Prime software install folder>\quartus
    Directory for Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer tool: < Quartus Prime Programmer install folder>\qprogrammer or < Quartus Prime Programmer install directory>\qprogrammer\quartus
  4. If you notice these variables in both System variables or User variables for your account, Intel recommends that one of them should be deleted.
  5. Restart your computer and check the version of jtagconfig using step 1 and 2