Intel® FPGA Download Cable II User Guide

ID 683719
Date 1/16/2024
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2.5. Circuit Board Header Connection

The 10-pin male header, which connects to the Intel® FPGA Download Cable II's 10-pin female plug, has two rows of five pins. The pins are connected to the device’s programming or configuration pins.

If the header connection on the circuit board is a male receptacle, it must have a key notch. Without a key notch, the 10-pin female plug will not connect. The following figure shows a typical 10-pin male header with a key notch.
Figure 5. 10-Pin Male Header Dimensions - Inches and Millimeters

Although a 10-pin surface mount header can be used for the cable, Intel recommends using a through-hole connector. Through-hole connectors hold up better under the repeated insertion and removal.