EPCQ-L Serial Configuration Devices Datasheet

ID 683710
Date 5/18/2018
Document Table of Contents

Recommended Operating Conditions

Table 3.  Recommended Operating Conditions
Symbol Parameter Condition Min Max Unit
VCC Supply voltage 4 1.7 2.0 V
VI Input voltage With respect to GND –0.5 0.4 + VCC V
TA 5 Ambient operating temperature For industrial use –40 85 °C
tR Input rise time 5 ns
tF Input fall time 5 ns
4 The maximum VCC rise time is 100 ms.
5 EPCQ-L devices can be paired with industrial-grade FPGAs operating at junction temperatures up to 100°C as long as the ambient temperature for the EPCQ-L device does not exceed 85°C.

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