EPCQ-L Serial Configuration Devices Datasheet

ID 683710
Date 5/18/2018
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Erase Die Operation (C4h)

This operation sets all the memory bits of a particular die in an EPCQ-L512 or EPCQ-L1024 device to 1 or 0xFF. Similar to the write bytes operation, you must execute the write enable operation before the erase die operation.

If you are using the EPCQ-L512 or EPCQ-L1024 device, you must execute the erase die operation to erase the memory of your device. You need to issue the erase die operation for each die in your device. For example, you need to issue the erase die operation twice for the EPCQ-L512 device and four times for the EPCQ-L1024 device. EPCQ-L512 and EPCQ-L1024 devices have more than one die per device.

You can implement the erase die operation by driving the nCS signal low and then shifting in the erase die operation code on the DATA0 pin, followed by the address bytes, any address within the single 256 Mb die is valid. The nCS signal must be driven high after the eighth bit of the erase die operation code has been latched in.