eCPRI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683685
Date 12/14/2021

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4.3.4. Header Mapper/De-Mapper

The Header mapper/De-mapper block append or remove the eCPRI common header from the eCPRI message. The Mapper block calculates the payload size of the incoming Avalon® streaming interface packet and append it into the packet as part of the eCPRI common header field. The table below shows the eCPRI common header format. The eCPRI protocol version is a read only field and the Protocol Revision parameter determines the value of this field. The concatenation and message type are determined from the Avalon® streaming interface sink sideband interface signals which come along with eCPRI message. The payload size is calculated when the eCPRI message enter eCPRI IP at Avalon® streaming interface interface.
Table 13.  eCPRI Common Header Format
0 (MSB) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (LSB) No. of Bytes
eCPRI Protocol Version= 0001b Reserved Concatenation 1
eCPRI Message Type 1
eCPRI Payload Size 2