eCPRI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683685
Date 12/14/2021

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6.5. eCPRI TX Error Message Register

Table 58.  eCPRI TX Error Message Register at Offset 0x0004
Register Bit Width Description Access Reset
ecpri_tx_err_msg [31:10] Reserved RO 0x0
[9] User Avalon® streaming interface error. When Ethernet frame size is set to 9000 bytes, the error flags when you do not follow the Avalon® streaming interface requirement.

The value is valid only for the Ethernet frame size set to 9000 bytes.

RW1C 0x0
[8] Invalid eCPRI sink packet size RW1C 0x0
[7] Single message concatenation size RW1C 0x0
[6] Multiple messages concatenation size RW1C 0x0
[5] Timeout no end of concatenation message RW1C 0x0
[4] Invalid eCPRI message type. This bit indicates that the IP received message type 8 to 63.

When you enable Pair with ORAN option, the IP supports only message type 0, 2, and 5. All other message types are invalid and set this bit.

RW1C 0x0
[3] M20K ECC error RW1C 0x0
[2] Buffer overflow error RW1C 0x0
[1] Missing EOP RW1C 0x0
[0] Missing SOP RW1C 0x0