eCPRI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683685
Date 12/14/2021

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6.3. eCPRI Common Control Register

Table 56.  eCPRI Common Control Register at Offset 0x0002
Register Bit Width Description Access Reset
ecpri_common_ctrl [31:11] Reserved RO 0x0
[10] Mapping feature enable RW 0x0
[9] Interrupt enable RW 0x0
[8] Reserved RO 0x0

Indicates fragmentation size. Valid values are:

  • 2'b01- MTU 1500 Bytes
  • 2'b10- MTU 9000 Bytes
RW 0x1
[5] Fragmentation enable RO 0x0
Message Type 4 buffer mode Enable. Valid values are:
  • 1'b0- Basic mode
  • 1'b1- Buffer mode
RW 0x0
[3:0] eCPRI protocol version. Valid values are:
  • 4'0001b- The interpretation of the eCPRI message shall follow eCPRI specification version 1.0
  • Other- Reserved for future eCPRI protocol.
RO 4'b0001