V-Series Avalon-MM DMA Interface for PCIe Solutions User Guide

ID 683514
Date 7/31/2018
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1.9. Resource Utilization

Because the PCIe protocol stack is implemented in hardened logic, it uses no core device resources (no ALMs and no embedded memory).

The Avalon-MM with DMA V-Series variants include an Avalon-MM DMA bridge implemented in soft logic that operates as a front end to the hardened protocol stack. The following table shows the typical expected device resource utilization for selected configurations using the current version of the Quartus® Prime software targeting an V-Series device. With the exception of M20K memory blocks, the numbers of ALMs and logic registers are rounded up to the nearest 50.

Table 7.  Resource Utilization V-Series Avalon-MM DMA for PCI Express

Data Rate, Number of Lanes, and Interface Width


M20K Memory Blocks

Logic Registers

Gen2 x4 128 4300 29 5800

Gen2 x8 128




Gen3 x8 256




Note: Soft calibration of the transceiver module requires additional logic. The amount of logic required depends upon the configuration.