Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Getting Started

ID 683475
Date 12/16/2019
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3.12.3. Planning Design Partitions and Floorplan Location Assignments

Partitioning a design for an FPGA requires planning to ensure optimal results when you integrate the partitions. Following Intel’s recommendations for creating design partitions should improve the overall quality of results.

For example, registering partition I/O boundaries keeps critical timing paths inside one partition that can be optimized independently. When you specify the design partitions, you can use the Incremental Compilation Advisor to ensure that partitions meet Intel’s recommendations.

If you have timing-critical partitions that are changing through the design flow, or partitions exported from another Intel® Quartus® Prime project, you can create design floorplan assignments to constrain the placement of the affected partitions. Good partition and floorplan design helps partitions meet top-level design requirements when integrated with the rest of your design, reducing time you spend integrating and verifying the timing of the top-level design.