Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Getting Started

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Date 12/16/2019
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5.4.3. Ensure Distinct VHDL Namespace for Each Library

Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition synthesis requires that VHDL namespaces are distinct for each library. The stricter library binding requirement complies with VHDL language specifications and results in deterministic behavior. This benefits team-based projects by avoiding unintentional name collisions. Confirm that your RTL respects this change.
Table 20.  VHDL Namespace Differences
Other Quartus Software Products Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition
For the Example RTL, the analyzer searches all libraries in an unspecified order until the analyzer finds package utilities_pack and uses items from that package. If another library, for example projectLib also contains utilities_pack, the analyzer may use this library instead of myLib.utilites_pack if found before the analyzer searches myLib. For the Example RTL, the analyzer uses the specific utilities_pack in myLib. If utilities_pack does not exist in library myLib, the analyzer generates an error.

Example RTL:

library myLib; use