Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Getting Started

ID 683475
Date 12/16/2019
Document Table of Contents Files to Include In External Revision Control

Include the following project file types in external revision control systems:
  • Logic design files (.v, .vdh, .bdf, .edf, .vqm)
  • Timing constraint files (.sdc)
  • Quartus project settings and constraints (.qdf, .qpf, .qsf)
  • IP files (.ip, .v, .sv, .vhd, .qip, .sip, .qsys)
  • Platform Designer (Standard)-generated files (.qsys, .ip, .sip)
  • EDA tool files (.vo, .vho )

Generate or modify these files manually if you use a scripted design flow. If you use an external source code control system, check-in project files anytime you modify assignments and settings.