Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Getting Started

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Date 12/16/2019
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2.7. Exporting Compilation Results

When you run compilation, the Compiler preserves a database of results in a Quartus Database File (.qdb). The .qdb contains the data to reproduce similar results in another project, or in a later software version. You can export your project's compilation results database for import to another project or migration to a later Intel® Quartus® Prime software version.

You can export the .qdb for your entire project or for a design partition that you define in your project. When migrating the database for an entire project, you can export the compilation database in a version-compatible format to ensure compatibility for import to a later software version.

Table 4.  Exporting Compilation Results
To Export Compilation Results For Method Description
Complete Design Click Project > Export Database Saves compilation results for the entire project in a version-compatible format. You can migrate the results to a later version of the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
Design Partition Click Project > Export Design Partition Saves compilation results for a design partition as a Quartus Prime Exported Partition File (.qxp) that you can import to another project. You can export the results for the post-fit or post-synthesis netlist.