Enhanced Configuration (EPC) Devices Datasheet

ID 683253
Date 5/04/2016
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1.11.1. Package Layout Recommendation

Sharp flash-based EPC16 and EPC8 devices in the 100-pin PQFP packages have different package dimensions than other Altera 100-pin PQFP devices (including the Micron flash-based EPC4 and Intel flash-based EPC16, EPC8, and EPC4). The following figure shows the 100-pin PQFP PCB footprint specifications for EPC devices that allows vertical migration between all devices. These footprint dimensions are based on vendor-supplied package outline diagrams.

Figure 9. EPC Device PCB Footprint Specifications for 100-Pin PQFP Packages
  • Used 0.5-mm increase for front and back of nominal foot length.
  • Used 0.3-mm increase to maximum foot width.