Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683236
Date 4/01/2024

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2.5.1. Identifying Routing Congestion with the Chip Planner

To identify areas of routing congestion in your design:
  1. Click Tools > Chip Planner.
  2. To view the routing congestion in the Chip Planner, double-click the Report Routing Utilization command in the Tasks list.
  3. Click Preview in the Report Routing Utilization dialog box to preview the default congestion display.
  4. Change the Routing utilization type to display congestion for specific resources. The default display uses dark blue for 0% congestion and red for 100%.
  5. Adjust the slider for Threshold percentage to change the congestion threshold level.
The Quartus® Prime compilation messages contain information about average and peak interconnect usage. Peak interconnect usage over 75%, or average interconnect usage over 60% indicate possible difficulties fitting your design. Similarly, peak interconnect usage over 90%, or average interconnect usage over 75%, indicate a high chance of not getting a valid fit.