FIR II IP Core: User Guide

ID 683208
Date 8/14/2023
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Give Feedback Super Sample Rate

For a “super sample rate” filter the sample rate is greater than the clock rate. In this example, clock rate = 100, sample rate = 200, inputChannelNum = 1, and single rate. The optimization produces a filter with PhysChanIn = 2, ChansPerPhyIn = 1, PhysChanOut = 2, and ChansPerPhyOut = 1.
Figure 31. Super Sample Rate Filter (clkRate=100, inputRate=200) with inChans=1A0 is the first sample of channel A, A1 is the second sample of channel A, and so forth.
Figure 32. Super Sample Rate Filter (clkRate=100, inputRate=200) with inChans=2If inputChannelNum = 2