FIR II IP Core: User Guide

ID 683208
Date 8/14/2023
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4. FIR II IP Core Functional Description

The FIR II IP core generates single rate or multrate filters, which allow you to change the sampling rate of a data path in a system. Multirate filters include both interpolation and decimation filters.

Interpolation increases the sample rate by inserting zero-valued samples between the original samples, while decimation discards samples to decrease the sample rate. The FIR II IP core automatically creates interpolation and decimation filters that have polyphase decomposition. Polyphase filters simplify the overall system design and also reduce the number of computations per cycle required by the hardware.

Figure 8. High Level Block Diagram of FIR II IP core with Avalon-ST Interface The FIR II IP core generates the Avalon-ST register transfer level (RTL) wrapper.

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