FIR II IP Core: User Guide

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Date 8/14/2023
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3.2. FIR II IP Core Coefficient Settings

Table 9.  Coefficient Settings Parameters
Parameter Value Description
Coefficient Options
Symmetry Mode Non Symmetry



Specifies whether your filter design uses non-symmetric, symmetric, or anti-symmetric coefficients. The default value is Non Symmetry.
L-th Band Filter All taps

Half band


Specifies the appropriate L-band Nyquist filters. Every Lth coefficient of these filters is zero, counting out from the center tap.
Coefficient Scaling Auto


Specifies the coefficient scaling mode. Select Auto to apply a scaling factor in which the maximum coefficient value equals the maximum possible value for a given number of bits. Select None to read in pre-scaled integer values for the coefficients and disable scaling.
Coefficient Data Type Signed Binary

Signed Fractional Binary

Specifies the coefficient input data type. Select Signed Fractional Binary to monitor which bits are preserved and which bits are removed during the filtering process.
Coefficient Width 2–32 Specifies the width of the coefficients. The default value is 8 bits.
Coefficient Fractional Width 0–32 Specifies the width of the coefficient data input into the filter when you select Signed Fractional Binary as your coefficient data type.