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Troubleshoot Simulator Issues

Review this section to troubleshoot simulator problems you might have when attempting to run a simulation.

Error Is Logged to

If you receive the following error message, you might be mixing resources from multiple simulators, such as Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition and ModelSim* SE:
Message: "src/hls_cosim_ipc_socket.cpp:202: void IPCSocketMaster::connect(): Assertion `sockfd != -1 && "IPCSocketMaster::connect() call to accept() failed"' failed."
An example of mixing simulator resources is compiling a device with ModelSim* SE and then running the host program in Questa*-Intel FPGA Starter Edition.

Compatibility with Questa*-Intel FPGA Starter Edition Software

Questa*-Intel FPGA Starter Edition software has limitations on design size that prevent it from simulating large designs. When trying to launch a simulation using Questa*-Intel FPGA Starter Edition software, you may encounter the following error message:
Error: The simulator's process ended unexpectedly.
Simulate the designs with Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition or ModelSim* SE software.

Product and Performance Information


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