Programming Guide


Set Up the Simulation Environment

You must add directories containing the Intel® Quartus® Prime and Questa* simulation software binaries to your
environment variable.
Commands listed in this topic assume that you have installed the Questa* simulation software alongside the FPGA add-on package, as mentioned in the Simulation Prerequisites. If you installed the Questa* simulation software elsewhere, you must modify the
environment variable appropriately.

For Intel® Quartus® Prime Software (Simulation flow only)

For the FPGA simulation flow only, you must explicitly add the Intel® Quartus® Prime software binary directory to your
environment variable using the following command:
$ export PATH=$PATH:<quartus_installdir>/quartus/bin

For Questa*-Intel® FPGA Starter Edition Software

For the free Questa*-Intel® FPGA Starter Edition software, run the following command:
$ export PATH=$PATH:<quartus_installdir>/questa_fse/bin

For Questa*-Intel® FPGA Edition Software

For the licensed Questa*-Intel® FPGA Edition software, run the following command:
$ export PATH=$PATH:<quartus_installdir>/questa_fe/bin
You should now be able to successfully compile for simulation.

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