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Installing the Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition Software

Perform these steps to install the Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition software:
  1. Download the Questa*-Intel® FPGA Edition software on your system from the Download Center for FPGAs.
    You must download both
    Questa - Intel FPGA Edition (includes Starter Edition)
    Questa - Intel FPGA Edition (includes Starter Edition) Part 2
  2. Obtain and set up the license for the simulation software.
    For comprehensive information about installing the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, including system requirements, prerequisites, and licensing requirements, refer to Intel FPGA Software Installation and Licensing.
  3. Run the Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition installer. The installer prompts you to select between the Questa*-Intel® FPGA Starter Edition (free) and the Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition software.
  4. Select the simulation software for which you have obtained a license. The installer prompts you to choose where to install the Questa* simulation software.
  5. Select the directory to install the Questa* simulation software. Although not a mandate, Intel recommends installing the Questa* software alongside the FPGA add-on for Intel® Custom Platforms using Intel® Quartus® software 21.2 package. Consider the following example:
    Suppose, on a Linux system, the Intel Quartus Prime software in the FPGA add-on package is installed in the following directory:
    Then, you should select one directory above the Quartus directory to install the Questa software, which is:
From within the oneAPI environment, you can determine the Intel® Quartus® Prime software installation location by inspecting the
environment variable.

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