Programming Guide


Installing the Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition Software

Perform these steps to install the Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition software:
  1. Using the left-hand filter pane, perform the following steps to refine the search results:
    1. Select the
      Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Software
      option. This displays three Intel Quartus Prime software editions (Pro, Standard, or Lite).
    2. Select the desired Intel Quartus Prime software edition. This displays a list of supported software versions.
    3. Select the desired Intel Quartus Prime software release version.
    4. Select the operating system (Linux or Microsoft Windows*).
  2. In the refined list of pages, click on the desired page to download the software. The product download page appears.
  3. Under the
    section, click
    Individual Files
  4. Download the Questa*-Intel® FPGA Edition software on your system by clicking the
    Download <file_name>
    button under each software.
    You must download both
    Questa - Intel FPGA Edition (includes Starter Edition)
    Questa - Intel FPGA Edition (includes Starter Edition) Part 2
  5. Accept the Software License Agreement by clicking the
    button. File download starts automatically.
  6. Obtain and set up the license for the simulation software.
    For comprehensive information about installing the Intel Quartus Prime software, including system requirements, prerequisites, and licensing requirements, refer to Intel FPGA Software Installation and Licensing.
  7. Run the Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition installer. The installer prompts you to select between the Questa*-Intel® FPGA Starter Edition (free) and the Questa*-Intel FPGA Edition software.
  8. Select the simulation software for which you have obtained a license. The installer prompts you to choose where to install the Questa* simulation software.
  9. Select the directory to install the Questa* simulation software. Although not a mandate, Intel recommends installing the Questa* software in the same location as that of the Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition software directory.
From within the oneAPI environment, you can determine the Intel® Quartus® Prime software installation location by inspecting the
environment variable.

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