Programming Guide


Emulator Known Issues

A few known issues might affect your use of the emulator. Review these issues to avoid possible problems when using the emulator.

Compiler Diagnostics

Some compiler diagnostics are not yet implemented for the emulator.

Error Returned When Launching a Kernel

This can occur when a kernel uses more
memory than the emulator supports by default.
Try setting larger values for the
or the
environment variable, as described in Emulator Environment Variables.
On Windows, the FPGA emulator can silently fail by running out of memory. As a workaround to catch this error, write your kernel code using the try-catch syntax.

FPGA Runtime Compatibility With Emulation Binaries

The oneAPI FPGA runtime does not support emulation binaries built using an earlier version of oneAPI. You must recompile emulation binaries with the current oneAPI release.

Product and Performance Information


Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at