Programming Guide


API-based Programming

Several libraries are available with oneAPI toolkits that can simplify the programming process by providing specialized APIs for use in optimized applications. This chapter provides basic details about the libraries, including code samples, to help guide the decision on which library is most useful in certain use cases. Detailed information about each library, including more about the available APIs, is available in the main documentation for that library.
oneAPI Toolkit Libraries
Use this library for high performance parallel applications.
Use this library to include highly optimized and extensively parallelized math routines in an application.
Use this library to combine TBB-based parallelism on multicore CPUs and SYCL* device-accelerated parallelism in an application.
Use this library to speed up big data analysis applications and distributed computation.
Use this library for applications that focus on Deep Learning and Machine Learning workloads.
Use this library for deep learning applications that use neural networks optimized for Intel Architecture Processors and Intel Processor Graphics.
Use this library to accelerate video processing in an application.

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