Frame Replay Vulnerability (INTEL-SA-00093) for Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC and Intel® Tri-Band Wireless-AC


Product Information & Documentation



We have identified a vulnerability relating to frame replay during device sleep in the Intel® Dual-Band Wireless-AC and Intel® Tri-Band Wireless-AC products. The vulnerability arises from the firmware implementation of the Wi-Fi subsystem. An attacker who can successfully establish a channel-based man-in-the-middle can potentially replay frames to impact the integrity or availability of already transmitted frames. The replayed frames are then passed on to the operating system as new frames. For more details, refer to the security advisory on this vulnerability: INTEL-SA-00093.

Updated Wi-Fi Drivers are available for Intel® Dual-Band Wireless-AC and Intel® Tri-Band Wireless-AC products adapters. Be sure to download the latest driver for your Intel® Wireless Adapter.

For legacy Intel Centrino® Wireless Adapters, disabling the Wake-on-Wireless-LAN functionality (WoWLAN) is considered to be a reasonable mitigation against CVE-2017-13080,CVE-2017-13081 and CVE-2017-5729.

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