System Trust is Rooted in Security

At Intel, security comes first: in the ways we work and everything we work on.

Security Technology

Security is rooted in hardware. Applying secure development principles, we deliver technology that improves foundational security, data and workload protection, and software reliability. Our customers benefit from robust technologies that improve their security position and support a Zero Trust infrastructure that address today’s evolving threats.

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Ecosystem Initiatives

Intel partners with leading technology providers to accelerate security solutions in areas such as threat detection and response, cryptography, and data privacy and security. Using Intel-powered solutions, customers can strengthen trust in hardware platform integrity and resilience.

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Security Center

Advisories for potential vulnerabilities provide mitigation information for customers to help keep systems up to date. And Intel’s Bug Bounty program elicits findings from talented security researchers across the industry to help us find and mitigate more vulnerabilities, making our products even more resilient.

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Six Pillars of Technology Innovation for the Next Era of Computing

Intel is innovating across six pillars of technology development to unleash the power of data for the industry and our customers.