Research Fuels Continuous Improvement





Security Means You Never Stop Looking

Attacks are growing more complex and threats continue to evolve. It’s crucial that you have a way to keep ahead.

Intel employs dedicated teams of security research experts who are always examining ways to make our products more secure.

From researching known attacks to identifying what’s next, before it impacts you, Intel is always looking to break what we build to make our technology even stronger.

Examples of Research Focus

  • Novel mitigation methodologies for transient execution (side channel) attacks
  • CPU microcode security threat research
  • Cryptographic hardware mitigations for side channel and fault injection resiliency
  • Vulnerability and mitigation research for telemetry leakage
  • Trusted Execution Engine security
  • Graphics hardware and kernel mode drivers
  • Security of AI accelerator solutions
  • Thermal and voltage attacks
  • Virtualization technology security
  • FPGA security
  • 5G end-to-end solutions
  • System firmware technologies
  • Pathfinding and research on hardware security analysis tools