[Intel® Tiber™ AI Studio] is perfect for teams that want to start AI with the best MLOps practices. From the moment we started using [Intel Tiber AI Studio], it took only 1 month to deliver AI results because it is intuitive, centralized and simple to use. With [Intel Tiber AI Studio] we were able to focus more time experimenting on the model itself, rather than learning the platform and learning how to operationalize our model.

Brice Macias
Software Engineer, Shotgun

Working in a hybrid cloud environment has major advantages but can be increasingly complex to manage, especially for AI workloads. [Intel® Tiber™ AI Studio] has the potential to enable us to operate in a hybrid cloud environment seamlessly. The new ML infrastructure dashboard... provides visibility into our on-prem GPU clusters and cloud resources, paving the way for increasing the utilization and ROI of our GPUs.

Bruce King
Data science technologist at Seagate Technology advanced analytics group

Before [Intel® Tiber™ AI Studio], we had little control on the full model lifecycle beyond the research phase. [Intel Tiber AI Studio] MLOps capabilities allowed us as data scientists to take ownership of the model lifecycle end to end without a direct dependency on engineers. [Intel Tiber AI Studio] has enabled us to take on more projects, speed up time to value, and has saved us time working on technical complexity.

Ohad Hegedish
Data Scientist, monday.com

Leveraging [Intel® Tiber™ Developer Cloud] through [Intel® Tiber™ AI Studio] Metacloud has accelerated our ability to deliver AI solutions. The seamless onboarding experience has made it easy to adopt the latest Intel hardware on demand, and leverage optimized hardware for different AI workloads including data processing, training, and predictions.

Ido Rivlin
CTO, Maisha Labs