Data Science Saves Lives

Leading hospitals are using data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify which patients are most at risk so they can respond more swiftly to life-threatening events.

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Explore how predictive analytics transforms healthcare delivery. Utilizing the artificial intelligence solutions, machine learning, and reasoning systems, predictive analytics analyzes historical data to create insights for future events. Discover how your healthcare business can benefit with this Whitepaper.

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As risk shifts from payers to providers, prevention-led population health management strategies are becoming key to managing that risk.

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According to a recent Forrester survey , 90 percent of healthcare organizations have implemented analytics and/or plan to do so in the next 12 months.

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Data-driven healthcare organizations gain insights for more proactive decision making by leveraging predictive models induced from clinical data sources.

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Solution Brief: Describes how an innovative predictive clinical analytics solution based on Intel® architecture helps providers and payers improve patient safety, increase operational efficiency, and boost patient satisfaction.

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This graphic considers how increased data collection in the healthcare industry necessitates advanced analytics solutions to create valuable patient insights.

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Five essential changes healthcare organizations need to make to get the most from data analytics.

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Research shows how machine learning can help doctors discern between two very serious heart conditions with very similar symptoms.

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Improving patient outcomes and lowering costs will take the right blend of human intervention and technological prowess.

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Top considerations for implementing the right strategy in the shift to value-based care.

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Predictive Model Toolkits

The Predictive Model Toolkits are designed to help make predictive clinical analytics more accessible for healthcare organizations by offering pre-defined models, test data, implementation guides, and data science notebooks. Start developing today.

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Genomic Analytics

Use Data and DNA to Fight Disease

One-size-fits-all is out. The healthcare solutions of the future use an individual’s genes and high-powered computing to produce personalized treatments for each patient, identify genetic defects causing different cancers, and develop targeted therapies that kill harmful cells while leaving healthy ones intact. 

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Collaborative Care

Empowering Patients in the Care Process

The more engaged patients are in managing their own care, the better their health outcomes and experience. Learn how Intel makes data more secure, efficient, and accessible, putting collaborative care within reach for healthcare providers and patients.

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See how technology is ushering in a new era of business, driving innovation that will help industries become smarter, more efficient, and more connected than ever.

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Understand how technology is driving richer customer experiences, more efficient supply chain management, and enhanced retail analytics.

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