Intel® FPGA Platforms

The portfolio of Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Cards (Intel® FPGA PACs) and Infrastructure Processing Units (IPUs) from Intel give organizations the ability to deploy their FPGA-based acceleration solutions broadly and efficiently. Deployed and designed for use in telecommunications, cloud service provider, and other types of enterprise data center environments, these FPGA Acceleration platforms are continuously being qualified and sold by leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) server providers.

Intel® FPGA Platforms

Infrastructure Processing Units (IPUs) from Intel

Accelerate key workloads, improve performance and agility, and enable new uses cases from the data center to the edge with Intel’s IPUs.

Acceleration Solutions

Solutions with Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Cards - From cloud to network to edge, see how Intel® FPGAs are being used to accelerate data and applications across industries.

Platform Software

Intel® Acceleration Stack for FPGAs - optimized hardware interfaces and software APIs save developers time and enable code customization and reuse across Intel® FPGA products.

Intel® Open FPGA Stack

A scalable, source-accessible hardware and software infrastructure delivered via git repositories that enables you to customize your own unique acceleration platform solutions.

Partner Offerings

Discover Intel®-based partner offerings for FPGA Boards solutions in the Intel® Solutions Marketplace.