Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t let the word “refresh” fool you – the 14th Gen Intel Core processor family is delivering the world’s fastest desktop & mobile processors, bringing with it a whole host of benefits including:

  • The World’s Best Gaming Experience – with faster cores than ever before, enabling multitasking performance that lets you game and create at the same time without compromise
  • Increased cores, threads, and cache powering a leap in creator performance
  •  Best-in-class connectivity, including Intel Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+), Bluetooth LE Audio, and Thunderbolt 4
  • An unmatched overclocking experience – built for beginners and experienced overclockers alike

Intel’s client technology roadmap is entering a new era, beginning with Meteor Lake, and the new Intel Core/Core Ultra brand helps emphasize this while simplifying the selection process for users. PC users will be able to easily identify the right processor for their daily compute needs, with Core Ultra processors representing Intel’s latest architecture and features for enthusiasts while the Core processors are designed more for our mainstream audience.

Raptor Lake Refresh will be the last processor family to use the old brand scheme – officially known as 14th Gen Intel Core processors. The new brand scheme with Intel Core/Core Ultra will begin with Meteor Lake.

Intel Unison is now available in Intel Evo-verified system designs offered by our OEM partners. It was incorporated into the Intel Evo specification during our 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family launch, and our OEM partners are excited about Intel Unison and the promise it brings to the entire ecosystem.

Intel Unison helps Windows PC users enjoy a strong multi-device experience regardless of the type of phone they own. But we also believe in user preference – Intel Unison will continue to exist side by side with other solutions and will continue to provide the value and the experience users expect.