Create Hyper-Convenient and Curated Experiences

Our era of retail digital transformation is powered by analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). By taking massive amounts of data and transforming it into actionable insights, retailers can create incredibly personalized, hyper-convenient experiences that lead to greater loyalty and revenue.

Together with our partners, we’re building the future of retail today—a future in which data fusion and AI provide insights from the first customer engagement, to purchase, right through to predicting demand. Discover what IoT in retail can do for your business.

Retail Success Stories

The evolving needs of retailers and shoppers meet advances in technology to create new solutions and experiences.

Ruggiero’s Ace Hardware & Feed: Case Study

Discover how Ruggiero’s Ace Hardware & Feed deployed point of sale devices with the Intel vPro® platform to increase efficiency and improve customer experiences.

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Tell New Customer Engagement Stories with Retail Digital Signage

With smart digital signage such as the InstoreScreen* shelf display, brick-and-mortar retailers are personalizing and enhancing the customer experience. These displays provide helpful information, recommendations, and reminders that help save shoppers an extra trip while boosting sales.

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Q&A: Keeping Retail Workers Safe and Connected

Alan Jezek, chief revenue officer at Theatro Labs, describes how businesses are using tech to address new challenges and keep employees and customers safe, healthy, and connected.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation for Retail and Beyond

Experts from CDW discuss how to make a business case for digital transformation in the retail industry and beyond. CDW provides end-to-end solutions including a building-block approach of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, hardware, software, and cloud technology.

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AI Innovations for the Shopping Experience

Box Technologies, a leader in customer engagement solutions, shares how retailers have responded to the pandemic. Innovative AI technologies are helping improve the customer experience of self-checkout and mobile solutions.

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Self-Serve Shopping with Frictionless Point-of-Sale

Retailers are improving the customer experience with point-of-sale smart kiosks that offer new touchless self-serve shopping opportunities. Building on the convenience of self-service stations, AI, cloud services, and computer vision enable these new features and flexible payment options.

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Deliver Personalized Experiences with Retail Analytics

Retail analytics reveal the shopper’s journey throughout the entire store. Finally, you can understand which marketing and merchandising strategies work—and which don’t. In the background, customer and store analytics work seamlessly from edge to cloud, delivering retail transformation through insights both in real time and over the long term.

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Generate Deeper Understanding with AI

Serve customers faster and in real time. Intel® Edge, AI, and Vision Technologies give retailers the ability to see, learn, and make decisions in ways never before possible. Intelligent retail powered by AI tools delivers an in-depth understanding of the store environment using technologies like audience analytics, and then leverages those insights to show dynamic content at the right time.

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Transform Your Retail POS System

The point of sale (POS) has become a critical customer touchpoint. The latest POS systems have become smarter and more connected, bringing together marketing, pricing, customer service, and loyalty programs to deliver personalized experiences while optimizing sales opportunities.

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Revolutionize Self-Service with Interactive Kiosks

Today’s interactive kiosks are connected, intelligent, and responsive, making experiences more convenient and enjoyable for customers everywhere. Smart sensors and cameras make it possible for kiosks to recognize products, respond to touchless gestures, or even address loss prevention.

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Grab Attention with Digital Signage and Smart Shelves

Now there’s a smarter way to deliver messaging and connect with customers. Smart shelves and digital signage in retail capture attention from across the store, enticing shoppers to move closer and learn more. Brand messaging and advertisements are placed in strategic, high-traffic locations to increase visibility and results. Add vision capabilities for AI-powered analytics to know when a message is truly effective.

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Accelerate Innovation with the Open Retail Initiative

Along with other top technology companies, Intel is dedicated to accelerating retail innovation at scale through our work on the Open Retail Initiative. ORI promotes the free exchange of ideas in the retail industry with an open source approach, driving technological advances and flexibility.

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Create Seamless Journeys with Omnichannel Retail

Today, a successful omnichannel retail strategy integrates everything from e-commerce platforms to in-store digital signage, kiosks, and point of sale (POS) systems. Intel® technologies provide a foundation for retailers to collect, store, share, and analyze data from every channel. As a result, you can more easily derive business insights that drive customer preference and loyalty.

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