F-Tile Triple-Speed Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 741328
Date 4/03/2023

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Document Table of Contents Multiport MAC Packet Classification Signals

The MAC packet classification interface is an Avalon streaming source port that streams out receive packet classifications.
Table 62.  MAC Packet Classification Signals
Name Avalon Streaming Signal Type I/O Description
pkt_class_valid_n valid O When asserted, this signal indicates that the data on the following signals are valid: data_tx_data_n, data_tx_sop_n, data_tx_eop_n, and data_tx_error_n.
pkt_class_data_n[4:0] data O Classification presented at the beginning of each packet:

Bit 4—Set to 1 for unicast frames.

Bit 3—Set to 1 for broadcast frames.

Bit 2—Set to 1 for multicast frames.

Bit 1—Set to 1 for VLAN frames.

Bit 0—Set to 1 for stacked VLAN frames.