MACsec Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 736108
Date 3/31/2024
Document Table of Contents Uncontrolled Port TX Interface

Table 12.  Uncontrolled Port TX Interface
Signal Name Width Direction Description
dec_byp_ip_app_tx_tvalid 1 Output Valid
dec_byp_ip_app_tx_tid 6 Output Transaction ID





Output Data






1'b1 for data byte, 1'b0 for null byte.

Note: Doesn't allow null byte in beginning or middle of transfer, only applicable during end of transfer.
dec_byp_ip_app_tx_tlast 1 Output Last, indicating end of transfer.
dec_byp_ip_app_tx_tuser_ last_segment<segment_number> 1 Output

Port<n> packet segmentation boundary indication for higher bandwidth transfer.

*last_segment indicates which 64-bit segment of the data bus the last segment is aligned to.

segment_number ranges from 0 to 7.

For the following data widths, the corresponding segment number bit applies:
  • 64—NA
  • 128—last_segment[1:0]
  • 256—last_segment[3:0]
  • 512—last_segment[7:0]
dec_byp_ip_app_tx_tuser_ppmetadata 415 Output

Packet Processing metadata which is tag along with incoming/outgoing packet into the MACsec IP to indicate:

[414:188] - Reserved

[187:173] - Pkt_len (packet length valid with AXI-ST first data phase signal.)

[172:3] - Reserved

[1] - tlast_buf_pkt_truncation (packet truncation error pulse valid with AXI-ST tlast signal.)

[2] - tlast_uerr_fatal (uncorrectable fatal error which causes the packet to drop in port demux. It can be present anytime during a valid with AXI ST packet.)

[0] - tlast_empty (indicates the Multi Interface Buffering Port for Stream TID is empty and no incoming packet detected when this indication is asserted. Used in MACsec framer to flush the buffer without waiting for next packet for data packing. Valid with AXI-ST tlast signal.)

dec_byp_ip_app_tx_tuser_usermetadata 16 Output User metadata which is tag along with incoming/outgoing packet into the MACsec IP. This metadata is not processed by MACsec IP and it is passed through the IP. One of the use cases supports PTP use case where a local timestamp or timer can be sent through this metadata on the MACsec ingress. The user can compare this local timestamp or timer at MACsec egress to determine the time taken for the request to go through the MACsec IP pipeline.
dec_byp_ip_app_tx_tuser_client User Defined (default is 7) Output

Ethernet Packet error status.

  • [6] - PHY error
  • [5] - CRC error
  • [4] - Length error: frame advertised a payload that is a valid length, but longer than the payload that actually arrives
  • [3] - Oversize error
  • [2] - Undersized (frame shorter than 64b) or oversized (frame larger than the programmed max_frame_size)
  • [1] - FCS error
  • [0] - Malformed (terminated with a control block other than Term)
  • Valid on the last data phase of AXI-ST where tlast asserted.