MACsec Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 736108
Date 3/31/2024
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5.1.8. Byte Ordering

The MACsec IP implements little-endian byte order and the L2 packet fields. For example, Destination/Source Address, bits [7:0] contains the first byte of the corresponding field.

Table 35.  Byte Ordering of the MACsec User Interface
Ethernet Packet Field

MACsec User Interface

Dest Addr[47:40] [7:0]
Dest Addr[39:32] [15:8]
Dest Addr[31:24] [23:16]
Dest Addr[23:16] [31:24]
Dest Addr[15:8] [39:32]
Dest Addr[7:0] [47:40]
Src Addr[47:40] [55:48]
Src Addr[39:32] [63:56]
Src Addr[31:24] [71:64]
Src Addr[23:16] [79:72]
Src Addr[15:8] [87:80]
Src Addr[7:0] [95:88]
Length/Type[15:8] [103:96]
Length/Type[7:0] [111:104]